This is intended to be a (loosely) organized compilation of resources and materials I’ve found helpful.¬†This will be constantly in flux as I try to untangle my massive amounts of bookmarks ūüôā

Intro (or pre-bootcamp / tech interview):

  • Codecademy is a great start for complete beginners — it’s a very supported learning environment.
  • JavaScript Koans:¬†You are exposed to a¬†little more detail on JavaScript syntax, and are introduced to working with a test suite.
  • Eloquent JavaScript:¬†A beginner-friendly book (stick with the online version to easily work along with the code challenges and play with the examples)¬†that strikes a nice balance between too much and too little detail.
  • Odin Project: Specifically the JavaScript and JQuery module. The Odin Project is one solution to a huge problem with self-teaching — lack of structure and direction. They describe it as “the website we wish we’d had when we were learning on our own”. It takes advantage of some of the great resources the internet has to offer — and puts them into an organized self-driven curriculum.
  • CodeWars: CodeWars¬†is a community-driven site where you can grow your problem-solving skills by working on individual challenge prompts. As you complete challenges, you are presented with progressively more difficult problems.
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript: Interactive exercises that introduce you to functional programming —¬†this is useful to be introduced to / get some practice particularly with some of the native¬†JavaScript functions that abstract common collection operations, and make your life easier.
  • funfunfunction: Hilarious and top-notch youtube account with short topical videos. Supplement early learning with some of these videos — particularly the earlier ones on the account.
  • Frontend Masters: Paid, pricey, worth it. Front-end training on various topics (video courses).

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