MakerSquare Week 8: Back to Back-End

Last week, we began work on our final project of the program —  a three week long thesis project. Our team convened and quickly began working together to brainstorm a strong core idea. Ultimately, the idea that we selected was based on a concept that has been wandering around my brain for quite a while. I’m delighted both to be at the point now where executing something like this is a possibility, and that the group of people I’m teamed up with found the idea interesting. The idea itself… I’ll leave as a surprise 🙂

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MakerSquare Week 6: Halfway Through

Last week was our final week as the junior cohort. It was an exceptionally busy week, with significantly different structure and focus than the previous five weeks.

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MakerSquare Week 5: Onto Projects

Another whirlwind week at MakerSquare comes to a close. Beginning next week, we move fully into project mode — we’ve spent all day every day of the last five weeks working through foundational computer science theory, web application frameworks, different database systems, etc.

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MakerSquare Week 4: Mental Fog

With the close of week 4, we have now been immersed in MakerSquare ATX for a month. Last week was a blur, diving in to the server side, and databases. In the interest of focus and brevity, here are some highlights from the week:

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MakerSquare Week 3: Enter APIs

It’s difficult to believe that the ending of this week means that we are a quarter of the way through MakerSquare. So far my approach of just putting my head down, and working as hard as I can on whatever is in front of me is serving me well. (In fact, one of the projects we worked on this week provided me with the best animated gif I’ve ever seen to accurately describe me):

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MakerSquare Week 2: ‘Blur’

It’s becoming quite apparent that although I’m totally wiped, this experience is going to be over far too quickly. I can’t believe that two weeks have gone by. I’ve learned more in the last two weeks than I have in… I don’t know how long. It’s incredible what people are capable of in such short spans of time.

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MakerSquare Week 1: ‘Lots’

Week 1 is in the books, and most of us can hardly believe it. By “us” I mean my MKS30 (MakerSquare cohort #30) brethren. On the one hand it feels like we’ve been doing this for much longer than a week, and on the other hand it feels kind of like week 1 was all a dream.

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Give it everything… forget the rest.

Below is a piece of advice I wrote for myself at the beginning of last year (2015). I still struggle with this (and surely will for a long time), but this will be especially helpful to keep in mind during my time at MakerSquare.

Continue to do the best job that I possibly can, while maintaining a little more emotional distance from it. Fretfulness and anxiety doesn’t breed effectiveness. Give it everything, constantly solicit constructive feedback, adapt… but forget the rest. Don’t let it take over. Maintain balance.