picstitch of three knitted blankets

The Year of the Blanket

I love blankets (in general, and to knit!) Big, squishy, comfy, cuddly blankets– likely, at least in part, due to my conflicting relationship with actually paying attention to gauge. It doesn’t matter as much if it’s off by a bit — it’s a bit like cooking vs. baking. Anyway, onto the assortment of blankets from this year:

picstitch of three knitted blankets

Umaro, Jared Flood

I knew immediately that I wanted to make a blanket for my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law for a wedding present. They both share my love of big, warm, squishy blankets, and, what better way could there be to wish them a warm and cozy home together?

Also, as you can see peeking out at the bottom, I now have custom tags for gift knits! While looking through #umaro knits on Instagram, I found a project by @chaidi_makes using a lovely custom tag. Through her referral, I found All This Wood. They were fantastic, and accommodated me and my crazy timeline (I found it a bit late in the game, for when this gift needed to happen). I highly recommend their shop! My new tags are custom engraved, in my own handwriting:

The texture of this piece is my favorite part. It will be cozy and homey, but also, to me, has a really elegant feel to it. I can’t wait to gift this one!

Check out the Ravelry project.

Shale Baby Blanket, Jared Flood

Another Jared Flood design, this one was a labor of love. It took quite a while to get through, but the recipient is more than worth it! As evidenced by my project page, I have many friends welcoming little ones into their families this year! It was also shared on Brooklyn Tweed’s Instagram, which was pretty amazing.

A great pattern, and fun piece to knit, I highly recommend. I was worried the Brooklyn Tweed wouldn’t be as soft as I wanted, but it knits up softer, and Shelter is perfect for the structure to really show off the pattern.

Check out the Ravelry project.

Chevron Baby Blanket, Purl Soho

Last but not least, the Chevron Baby Blanket from Purl Soho. Simple, quick, and absolutely perfect for a baby gift!

Check out the Ravelry project.

It’s been a good year for blanket knitting. As I head into fall, my next frontier is to tackle fit — it’s sweater time.

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