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Event Roundup: Emberitas and Front Porch

Finally, finally, I have time to hit up local events and meetups again, and Austin has not disappointed. (See what I was up to the first half of the 2016.)


First up, Emberitas. I found out about this event through the Women Who Code – Austin network. Three awesome women in the Austin Ember community decided to organize this free one-day workshop to introduce women to Ember.js. (All bootcamp grads, by the way — two from MakerSquare and one from CodeUp).

The Ember community is uniquely welcoming, supportive, and genuine. As just one example of how Ember stands out among tech communities, 33% of EmberConf 2016 speakers were women. However, EmberATX’s female meetup attendance falls well below that number, with an average three women at a 30+ member event.

I had heard of Ember, but hadn’t yet played around with it, myself. Hearing wonderful things about the Ember community, I had to check it out.

The workshop was split into two tracks, to make it accessible to attendees of all skill levels, with curriculum crafted with love for the event.

In between workshop sessions were lightning talks from several Ember community members and volunteers.

And they even unveiled ATX’s very own Zoey.

Check back at where they will be making the workshop materials available for all to peruse and learn. Thanks for an awesome event!


Next, Front Porch conference! A one-day single-track conference for front-end developers. I was happy to find many WWC-ATX members and Emberitas in attendance.

And an awesome lineup of speakers and topics (kicking off with Pokemon puns, because relevant):


They’ll be making the session videos available on the Front Porch YouTube channel later on — keep an eye out!


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