60 WPM

34 days of Dvorak

I stuck to the (random, totally unnecessary) goal I laid out for myself last month, and have officially reached 50% of my QWERTY speed (60 WPM) in 34 days.

15 WPM
June 4 – 15 WPM
60 WPM
July 7 – 60 WPM
Typing test showing 96 WPM
January 1, 2018 – 96 WPM

So that was a fun experiment.

I think I’ll stick with it. If only because I can no longer type QWERTY. 😂

Just kidding. I will stick with it though, since I’ve invested the time, and am convinced by the physical efficiency.

1/17/2018: Edited to add update speed, for fun…

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