I recently test-drove the ‘Devume‘ project from the wonderful and talented Justin Seiter, and wanted to briefly highlight the project.

Devume is the hackable JSON resume.
Fork it, tweak it, deploy it!

Devume is a starter repo for a fully JSON-based resume, using Webpack for code bundling and Handlebars for templating. In just a few minutes, you can spin up and host your own resume.

It was wicked fast to get up and running after forking. It ships with two templates — ‘boxed’ and ‘textual’.


I chose to add a bit more detail in my project section, and will probably modify the ‘boxed’ styling a little bit, but I’m very impressed with the out-of-the-box result. Check mine out at

The harder part is actually writing the resume. Once that’s ready to go, I highly recommend taking a look at Devume for an elegant, self-hosted solution.

Because paper… meh… 🙂


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